My first tiny topic map

This is a simple trial with topic maps. Unfinished/underused/whatever, I started learning about topic maps TODAY. I am aware that the ontology is a random thing. I even don't know if my topic map is semantically valid ! (didn't find such a validator so far).

Click on all files :)

  1. Directory tm: Click on this link to browse the topic map generated with xtm2xhtml, an xslt style-sheet written by Stefan Mintert.
  2. File topic-maps-test1.xml: The XML source file. If your browser doesn't show it, use "View Source", e.g. under Mozilla
  3. The XSLT stylesheet that you must process with Saxon (it uses extensions that will not work with client-side xslt). Get THIS file from the ORIGINAL site, our copy may kill your hard disk ...
  4. I will sometimes test other tools, e.g. e.g Ontopia's Omnigator