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Step 5: [Optional] Make an SGML version of your DTD

This is a not recommended step!

If you don't have an SGML declaration, F+S will not read XML DTDs. If you really don't want to configure your SGML as described in Make your own SGML declaration, you need to fix a few things. I just "got" the syntax from the included DocBook DTD. I did this before I figured out the importance of defining first an SGML application and it sort of worked ...

(1) Watch out for certain characters

Don't use "_" (underscores) in Element and Attribute names . You can configure the SGML declaration to support "-" (hyphens) and "." (dots)

(2) Change the element declarations in the following way

(a) Normal ones:

before:     <!ELEMENT trainingCourse (tcCourses+)>   after:      <!ELEMENT trainingCourse - - (tcCourses+)>

Empty elements:

 before:     <!ELEMENT modResponsible EMPTY>   after:      <!ELEMENT modResponsible - O EMPTY>

Note: "0" is the letter "Ohh", not a Zero !