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Step 16: [Optional: Import xml]

You also can import XML, although I have not fully tested this and I was getting error messages when I re-imported (the previously exported XML file) about undeclared entities but they seemed to be there at first glance. Anyhow, here is basically what you have to do:

(1) Add a DTD declaration to your XML file

<!DOCTYPE Stepbystep SYSTEM "/home/schneide/xml/dtd/Stepbystep.dtd">

(2) Open the file

As you would, say a Word File:

Menu: File -> Open [ enter your XML document ]

(3) Import both EDD and base para definitions

Note that you must have both of these files opened in F+S (!)

Menu: File -> Import Element Definitions
Menu: file -> Import Formats

Now compare

You will notice that some things are wrong or missing, e.g. crossreferences. I don't know yet if a complete round-trip without loss is possible for simple (no frills, no nothing added from Framemaker) XML. It makes sense to investigate if you collaboratively work on some text and some guys prefer to work with a plain structure editor (I need some time to investigate this) .

I have just found (from M.Carr) out that there is an XML plug-in (not installed yet):