FrameMaker + SGML Quick Guide

Daniel K. Schneider, TECFA, University of Geneva

Version 0.1 - nov 2, 2000,

Should be usable somewhat., but it certainly is rough draft quality


This is a very short guide to help you editing structured documents with FrameMaker + SGML (version 6). It is meant for a "tech savy" audience. In addition you should skim through the FrameMaker+SGML book you get with the software and which is well done but too verbose. Note, that there are also companion documents for somewhat XML savy users who want to work with their own structure definitions, see:


What you should know already

Suggested Steps

Step 1: Locate Templates

Step 2: Learn the location of the main tools

Step 3: Open a Template or an example file

Step 4: Element boundaries View or Structure Window?

Step 5: Further editing options

Step 6: Write something

Step 7: Validate

Step 8: Learn some shortcuts

Step 9: [Optional]: Installing SMGL applications