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Step 6: Write something

(1) Insertion

Insertion should be easy, provided that:

(2) Changing an element

E.g. you wrote a paragraph as some element and now think it should be something else. If "something else" is a legal element in the same context do the following:

Else, use some creative inserting, cutting, pasting, moving

(3) Merging and splitting

See eithers Menu: Element or context (mouse:right) menu. To split an element into 2 sisters, simply insert your mouse where you want to split and "Split". To merge 2 brothers, glide your mouse over both and "Merge".

(4) Unwrapping

It often happens by mistake that you have some text inside some element. If you want to "unwrap", just select the element (as above) and click on unwrap in Element Menu or the Context (right-click) menu.

(5) Wrapping

Wrapping some text into some element is something that do frequently with so called "text range elements". E.g. in my Stepbystep DTD I defined elements "Code", "Strong", "Notsure", etc. to be used within paragraphs and list items.

(6) Moving

Select the element. Then you can either cut/paste it in the Text editing Window or drag it around in the Structure View. I prefer the further. However be aware that you need to use the "Cut" and not "Delete" button (on my Sun this is not the same).