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Step 5: Further editing options

Here are 2 others settings I suggest

(1) Attribute insertion

When you insert a new element in you text, F+S will by default ask you to insert values for all attributes. If you think that you do not need this turn it off or ask it prompt you only for required values:

Menu: Element->New Element Options

Chose (IMHO) "Prompt for required elements", I strongly suggest this if you play around with my Stepbystep DTD. It asking you for ID Tags all the time is annoying

(2) Available elements in the Element Menu

You define what Elements should be available for authoring either in "Options" in the Element Menu or in Element->Set Available Elements ..." I suggest the following:

Valid Elements for Working Start to Finish

This will basically show the elements you are allowed to insert at a certain point. It will not offer you to insert elements that you already have inserted

. See the figure.

Let's have a look at an example for those who know some XML or SGML. Here is the DTD rule for the Step Element (shown in both XML and EDD format):

XML:<!ELEMENT Step (Title, Goal?, Prereq?,( Para | List | Listing | Substep)*, Comments?, Open?) >
EDD: General rule: Title, Goal?, Prereq?, ((Para | List | Listing)* | Substep)*, Comments?, Open?

Since we already inserted a Title Element, It will not show in the options. Other existing elements not available within the Step will not be shown either if you configure the elements window as suggested.