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Step 2: Learn the location of the main tools

(1) The menu bar

The End-User Interface of F+S is quite well done. Before you start exploring, remember that you edit structured text. So ignore all the typical word processor features. Do not do any formatting what so ever , just enter information! If you must change formatting, go and learn how to edit the EDD file. If you don't have an EDD file, export one from your current File. So ignore the Format Menu unless you know what you do . Here are the most important things you need to know:

(2) The other authoring windows

There are three other Windows for SGML editing. All of them are important.

(3) Be a power user

Make sure you get the full Menus

Menu: View->Menus->Complete

Note: configuring SGML related Menus and using some of these tools is explained below