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Step 1: Locate Templates

Strangely enough, F+S template files for structured editing are very difficult to find. A template file is an empty FrameMaker file from which you start composing your document. In FM (unlike MS Word) there is no fundamental distinction between Style files and document files. A template file is just an empty file, but typically has already imported definitions from an EDD file. In order to open a FM file as template do Menu:File->New->Document. Then I wish you good luck (because you won't find much in your standard templates, unless some F+S knowledgeable person installed your site or machine). Here is what I found:

Exporting a EDD from a document (if you can't find the original) is done like this: Menu:File->Developper Tools->Export Element Catalog as EDD [How the hell can one know what EDD has been imported in a template without exporting the EDD I don't know, one of many problems I have with F+S]

IMHO it is a bit embarrassing for Adobe that they only offer so few templates, unless they really think that their product should not be used without haveing a local SGML engineer who knows how to set up the environments. There are dozens of interestings DTDs in the World, but Adobe seems to ignore this situation.