Formatting with FrameMaker + SGML's EDD

Daniel K. Schneider, TECFA, University of Geneva

Version 0.5 - may 2001

Version 0.3 first useful draft. Version 0.4: added pointer to sdocbook. Version 0.5 said something about attributes

Thanx to Jan den Hartog ( objective i), Kevin Lossner (Easy Software AG), Marcus Carr (Allette Systems) , Ceryle Gaehl (Australian Medicines Handbook) for helpful comments.


This is a very short introduction to formatting with Framemaker + SGML's EDD. I use version 6 for Solaris and Windows. You also must read the developer's manual (in particular chapters 7, parts of 8, 9 ) which you can find as a 550 page PDF file in some directory in your distribution. In addition, is strongly suggested that you download all the files from including the ones in the Stepbystep and sdocbook directories and that you look at the source code.

The best example I have at the date of this writing (check yourself) is an incomplete EDD for Norman Walsh's Simplified Docbook XML DTD:

This is a first rough draft (including the English). I don't know when I will have time to improve it.



Major Steps

Step 1: Try to grasp the logic of EDD formatting

Step 2: Understand the anatomy of a simple EDD rule

Step 3: Identify the elements that need formatting

Step 4: Create EDD and template files

Step 5: Create a few basic standard Frame paragraphs

Step 6: Define rules for standard paragraphs

Step 7: Simple text range elements

Step 8: Simple title rules

Step 9: Special Elements

Step 10: Printing Attributes and attributes for printing

Step 11: Exporting to XML

Step 12: Do some server-side stuff with it

Open questions