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Step 6: Define rules for standard paragraphs

For testing purposes, I suggest that you start editing some text in your template file (you can always empty it later). Then as soon as you make a modification in your EDD file go and import ( Menu: File->Import->Element Definitions )

The basic tasks are (logically) the same as in standard FrameMaker. You have to specify font size, spacing above and below, numbering for starters. BUT, use changes to define fonts and spacing. This will make things more easily to maintain. Base things, like standard font-family, standard size, language, etc. should not be defined here but in "base paragraphs" as explained in See Create a few basic standard Frame paragraphs..

Here is an example I use for the overall title of a document (not considered as a "Title" heh):

Element (Container): Doctitle General rule: <TEXT> Text format rules    Element paragraph format: Title    In all contexts.       Default font properties       Change size by: +8pt       Basic properties       Paragraph spacing         Change space above by: 1cm         Change space below by: 1cm

Note that this definition inherits properties from a paragraph called Title (read everything again if you don't understand this). The rest simply adds pt's and spacing. To get something like this (provided that you have a Doctitle element defined) you must:

Note: If you find that this thing is totally mysterious, just look some other EDD file, e.g. the one used for this document. You may even export it to xml, have Emacs indent and color it and study it as an XML structure :)