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Step 8: Simple title rules

If you look at the DTD used for this document (Stepbystep.dtd) or the EDD if you prefer, you notice that the Element Title appears in several contexts. Each Step, each Substep, each Goal, etc. can have a title. So this requires different formatting.

Look at the source of the EDD for one suggestion. I am getting lazy here :). Basically you need to fix spacing, indentation, font size and numbering and repeat this several times.

You also should label each context rule, because you need this to produce fancy headers (on top of printed pages) and PDF bookmarks (!). E.g. if you have something like:

If context is: StepContext label: StepTitle

you can then configure Running Headers of the Master page to display as header the content of highest level Title element it can find on the page:


Finally, put the AllContextsRule (In all contexts) in front of ContextRules else it will override all Context Rules (I am not sure about this anymore)