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XSL/FO Examples

XSL/FO Examples

Simple XML -> PDF. The trick is to put XSL/FO instructions in the XSLT stylesheet and then give the *.xml and the *.xsl file to a FO processor like Apache FOP. Some more examples and minimal doc may follow. Examples should with Apache FOP 0.20.5. E.g. use the instruction:

java org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -xml input.xml -xsl style-sheet.xsl output.pdf
See also Index of /tecfa/teaching/formcont/webmaster2005/programme and dig around in the directory.

If you run into trouble, translate first into xsl-fo. Have a look at it and try to understand what you did wrong. E.g. if you use saxon:

saxon hello-page.xml hello-page-xslfo.xsl >

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