Chapter 31 - Prototypes

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Figure 31.1 Wall Color Prototype Definition and use of a WallColor node type.
Figure 31.2 Material Prototypes Library An external file containing a material library with the WallColor-node-type definition.
Figure 31.3 Material External Prototypes A world that uses an externally declared node type.
Figure 31.4 Wood Appearance Prototypes Library An external file containing an appearance library with wood appearances.
Figure 31.5 Wood Appearance External Prototypes Two wood blocks using appearance-node types from an external appearance library file. Note modification of second prototype using a TextureTransform node parameter.
Figure 31.6 Donut Prototype A donut (torus) node prototype. Also see Figures 30.5 and 31.7.
Figure 31.7 Donut External Prototype A donut shape built using the Donut geometry node and the LightOak appearance node. Also see Figures 30.5 and 31.6.
Figure 31.9 Spin Group Prototype A SpinGroup node type used to automatically spin a group of three boxes. Click on blue crossbar to activate second SpinGroup.