Chapter 25 - Level Of Detail

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Figure 25.01 Torch High Detail A high-detail torch.
Figure 25.02 Torch Medium Detail A medium-detail torch.
Figure 25.03 Torch Low Detail A low-detail torch.
Figure 25.04 Three Torches Side By Side The three torches side by side.
Figure 25.05 Three Torches Single LOD Three torches within an LOD node. First you must fly in or change viewpoints to watch levels shift. Ordinarily transitions are hard to detect, these are designed to be noticeable.
Figure 25.06 Dungeon Room Floor A dungeon-room floor.
Figure 25.07 Dungeon Room Wall A dungeon-room wall.
Figure 25.08 Dungeon Room A dungeon room.
Figure 25.09 Two Dungeon Rooms With LODHiding Two dungeon rooms controlled by LOD nodes.
Figure 25.10 Dungeon Wall With Doorway A dungeon wall with a doorway.
Figure 25.11 Dungeon Door A dungeon door.
Figure 25.1 2Dungeon Rooms With Sliding Doors Two dungeon rooms controlled by LOD nodes and separated by a wall and a pair of sliding doors.