Chapter 24 - Sound

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Figure 24.1 Emitter Markers A silent set of emitter markers indicating emitter location, minimum-range ellipsoid, and maximum-range ellipsoid. Used by other Chapter 24 examples.
Figure 24.2 Ambient Sound Emitter Markers A world with ambient sound and a set of emitter markers.
Figure 24.3 Touch Sensor Triggered Sound A world with sound triggered by touching a white ball, with an emitter marker marking the range of audible sound.
Figure 24.4 Four Key Keyboard Four keys in a keyboard, showing how pitch can vary a single sound source.
Figure 24.5 Two Ambient Circling Sounds Two ambient sounds circling the origin.
Figure 24.6 Directed Ambient Sound A time-varying ambient sound aimed to the right.
Figure 24.7 Virtual TV A virtual TV.