Chapter 14 - Elevation Grid

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Figure 14.2 Elevation Grid Mountain A mountain using a 9x9 ElevationGrid. Compare Figure14.2ElevationGridMountain.x3d, Figure16.7VertexColoredElevationGridMountain.x3d and Figure17.08bTexturedElevationGridMountain.x3d
Figure 14.3 Elevation Grid Ribbon A ribbon using a 20x2 elevation grid.
Figure 14.4a Elevation Grid Puddle Splash 10x 10 A puddle splash using a 10x10 elevation grid. Compare with Figure 14.4b.
Figure 14.4b Elevation Grid Puddle Splash 40x 40 A puddle splash using a 40x40 elevation grid. Compare with Figure 14.4a.
Figure 14.5 Elevation Grid Terrain An elevation grid built using an automatic terrain-generator application.
Figure 14.6 Elevation Grid Medallion A medallion built from 12 ElevationGrid ribbons.