Chapter 13 - Points Lines Faces

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Figure 13.10 Point Set Box Corners Points in an IndexedPointSet mark the eight corners of a box. Point size is always 1 pixel regardless of distance.
Figure 13.11 Indexed Line Set Box Wireframe A simple wireframe cube drawn with IndexedLineSet.
Figure 13.12 Indexed Face Set Cube A simple solid cube drawn with IndexedFaceSet.
Figure 13.13 Indexed Face Set Lightning Bolt A 3D lightning bolt using concave faces. Compare Figures 13.13 and 17.17b.
Figure 13.14 Vaulted Ceiling Piece Creased A nonsolid vaulted ceiling piece.
Figure 13.15 Vaulted Ceiling Piece A smoothly shaded vaulted ceiling piece.
Figure 13.16 Vaulted Ceiling A vaulted ceiling piece used repeatedly to build part of a medieval building.
Figure 13.17a Morphing Cube A morphing cube shape using IndexedFaceSet and CoordinateInterpolator.
Figure 13.17b Morphing Cube Line Set A morphing cube shape using IndexedLineSet and CoordinateInterpolator. Note that constant-width lines thwart perspective rendering and lead to optical-illusion effects.