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Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics is the royalty-free open standard for viewing and archiving interactive 3D models on the Web.

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Applications, Players and Plugins for X3D / VRML Viewing

Your web browser must be capable of viewing X3D/VRML scenes in order to browse these X3D examples. Please load one of these player plugins if necessary.

Example test scene: HelloWorld (.x3d .x3dv .x3db .wrl .html .png)

X3D players from Web3D Consortium members:

Other X3D players, not (yet?) Web3D Consortium members:

Feature comparison: Player support for X3D components.

Authoring Software

Feature comparison of major X3D authoring tools: Tool support for X3D components.

Authoring Support

The X3D Working Group is showing how to best provide X3D + HTML5 support for the draft HTML5 Recommendation.

Numerous other resources provide support for authoring X3D.


Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) 97

Conversion and Translation Tools


The X3D Examples archives demonstrate how X3D nodes and scenes work. Over 2600 .x3d example scenes are provided, available individually online or collected together as fully complete, downloadable, installable .zip archives. These examples are all protected under an open source license and provided free for any use.

Currently each example is provided in multiple file encodings: XML (.x3d), ClassicVRML (.x3dv), VRML97 (.wrl) and pretty-print XHTML (.html) form. Compressed Binary Encoding (.x3db) and X3D Canonicalization (C14N) formats were added summer 2006.

Example archives start with the directory structure in order to match the online addresses for most examples, and also to keep local archives side-by-side for easier retrieval.

The Web3D Art archive displays many excellent X3D and VRML examples.

The X3D Showcase DVD is produced twice each year the Web3D Consortium for outreach to members and interested individuals.


The following applications are known to have X3D output capabilities. Additional entries are welcome. Also see Conversions.


Mobile Support

There is a mobile subset of the X3D vocabulary called the X3D Interactive Profile. Conversion tools are likely to emerge that can down-convert scenes using the X3D Immersive Profile or VRML97 for lightweight mobile and embedded applications.

PowerPoint Support


Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) 97





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