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WebMaker User Guide

9 Overview of WML Files

WebMaker operates on WebMaker Language (WML) files. A WML file is a file that describes how a set of FrameMaker paragraph and character tags are to be translated when generating a web of documents, and how to divide the FrameMaker document into separate HTML files (also called nodes). You either create a new WML file (with File > New) or open an existing one (with File > Open). When you make changes with WebMaker, and then choose File > Save, WebMaker saves those changes in the WML file.

WebMaker offers a convenient user interface for viewing and editing WML files. However, a WML file is a plain text file, so you can also use a text editor to view or modify it.

Each WML file must conform to the rules and syntax of the WebMaker Language, which is essentially a programming language. See Section 12, "WebMaker Language (WML)".

This chapter gives an overview of all the elements that a WML file can contain.