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WebMaker User Guide

3 Improving the Results

RapidRules is an automatic one-button tool to help you get started quickly on document conversion. It makes educated guesses at the proper WML rule mappings for a given FrameMaker document or book and produces a WML file with those mappings for you. RapidRules cannot always guess perfectly. At this point, you can start to improve the results in a number of ways:

1. The first step is to identify which paragraphs do not look right in the HTML output. You can then map those paragraphs to different paragraph rules. You can also change the mappings of character tags to character rules. See Section 3.1, "Changing mappings" and Section 3.2, "Mapping recommendations".
2. If your document contains characters that have formats applied to them, but do not have character tags, you can provide an format override rule that specifies how the characters should appear. See Section 3.3, "How to use format override rules".
3. Include the appropriate libraries in the WML file. See Section 3.4, "How to use include files".
4. If your WML file includes the nodesB.wml, nodesBTI.wml, or nodejava.wml library, your HTML files will have graphical navigation buttons. You must copy the .gif files containing the graphical buttons from the lib directory to the directory containing the HTML. See Section 3.5.2, "Graphical navigation buttons".
5. If the table of contents needs adjustment, see Section 3.6, "Table of contents".
6. If you want to include an index, see Section 3.7, "Index".
7. If you want to include a list of figures or list of tables, see Section 12.10, "List of figures or tables in WML".
8. If you want to include links to URLs outside this document, see Section 3.8, "Including external links".
9. For frequently asked questions about RapidRules output, see Section 3.10, "Troubleshooting RapidRules output".
10. Consider the quality of the FrameMaker source document. We offer style recommendations for making documents convert cleanly. See Chapter 7, "FrameMaker Style Recommendations".
11. If you find that you need a paragraph rule that is not provided in the WebMaker libraries, you can define your own rule, using the WML language. See Chapter 10, "Modifying Conversion Rules, Headers, and Footers".
12. You can change the navigation buttons and the text appearing at the top of each web page (its header) and the bottom of each web page (its footer). See Chapter 10, "Modifying Conversion Rules, Headers, and Footers".
13. Another way to control the appearance of the web pages is to customize the cascading style sheet produced by WebMaker. See Chapter 5, "Cascading Style Sheets".