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1. Starting with VRML
1.1 Introduction to the VRML standard and 3D Graphics
1.2 Basic static VRML
2. Modularization and Abstraction
2.1 Multiple instances of the same object
2.2 Inlining other VRML files
2.3 Prototyping
3. Good VRML Style and Performance
3.1 Your first ``real'' VRML file
3.2 Levels of Details
3.3 Good VRML style and performance
4. Mixing HTML with VRML
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Mixing HTML and VRML Frames
4.3 VRML code generation
4.4 Adding and Removing Kids with Javascript
5. Introduction to moving, interactive VRML
5.1 The idea
5.2 Introduction to Events, Routes, Sensors and Interpolators
5.3 Introduction to Scripting with Javascript
6. The External Authoring Interface
6.1 What can we use the EAI for ?
6.2 The very first steps
6.3 Essential EAI tricks
6.4 Extracting Information from a scene
6.5 Object manipulation and better Java Widgets
7. Animation and Avatars
7.1 Introduction to keyframe animation
7.2 Building a mini bot
8. Appendix
8.1 On-line Tools
8.2 VRML Tools
8.3 VRML II Browsers
8.4 Field and Event Reference
8.5 Introduction to JAVA with VRML
8.6 Useless stuff (Version History / ToDo List)
8.7 Copyright Information
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