Cyber Android
by Robert W. Saint John

The Cyber Android at Oracle


I created Cyber Android for a class I taught at the 3D Design Conference in June 1997. She's based on a character created by Sue Wilcox, and I thought she'd be a perfect example for a study of virtual humans in VRML, and avatar controls. I built her with a combination of trueSpace 2.0, some 3D clipart from ViewPoint, and assembled and activated all the VRML in V-Realm Builder 2.0. A complete step-by-step lesson on the construction of this figure is available in online format, or you can download all notes and examples in a 1.1MB zipped file.


There are two versions here which you can check out. One is a standalone version of just the figure and her controls (see left). Be sure to navigate around the viewpoints and try each of the controls for different results. The second world is the figure in an environment (pictured above). Both worlds are g-zipped, and look best in Intervista's WorldView 2.0.



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