6 Software


6.1 Browsers and related

Note: See X3D Pages for X3D !!

6.1.1 VRML 97 Browsers

Be careful when you install 2 plugins/browser on the same (Win/NT) machine. Not only you need a plug-in chooser (e.g. Sony's), but if you want things to work correctly consult Bob Crispen's Index (the "Viewing VRML Worlds) section).
  • Cortona (alive 2004) Win/NT VRML 97 browser, has good reviews.
  • The Home of Cosmo Player (1/2000). Dead project, but still a popular VRML 97 browser for Win/Mac
  • Cosmo Player for Irix (available since 2/99, IRIX 6.5 and ABOVE only)
  • WorldView (Win, Mac versions) by Intervista. Dead project.
  • Blaxxun Contact for Win/NT (full VRML97 browser with Blaxxun multi-user worlds extensions). DEAD Project (2002) alive again in 2004. See also BS Contact below !
  • BS Contact (derived from Blaxxun I believe). Available from BitManagement (2004) and also X3D capable.
  • Twirl Recent HTML & VRML stand alone browser for Power Mac, small and fast (9/99), DEAD project ??

6.1.2 Partial VRML 97 Browers

(needs updating)
  • OPEN VRML Win & Posix open source browser.
  • Casus Presenter (looks like a good solution for old Sun's, but needs OpenInventor and other stuff (??) installed)
  • Open Worlds VRML and X3D support for C++ and Java, customizable (commercial) VRML browsers and libraries. Industrial strength.

6.1.3 Indexes / Comparisons of browsers

Rather look at general VRML/X3D indexes.

6.2 Authoring Tools, Converters, etc.

(needs updating, see the VRML Indexes section instead or check out Crispen's site or Tools at VapourTech

6.2.1 On-line VRML Tools

6.2.2 VRML Tools

  • Index at Web3D
  • Cosmo Worlds from Platinium This is a long dead program, but some copies seem to fload around. I didn't like it much (you could not hand edit)

6.2.3 Free VRML Tools

  • Dune3D modelling and animation tool for the authoring of VRML (win/unix/mac planned). Tried version 0.13 for Solaris, works incredibly well for an early release (4/2000). DEAD now (2004) ?
  • Need more ...

6.2.4 Free Java Classes for VRML

  • Cool Java Tools from the The Virtual Light Company: VermelGen. A Free VRML 2.0 Modelling Editor. Platform independant (works with Java and the External Authoring Interface).... a bit difficult to install (I failed for Cosmo/Irix). (dead project now (DKS 2/99) * JVerge, A Free VRML 2.0 Node Java Class Library (dead project now)

6.2.5 Tools to hand-edit VRML

  • Various emacs modes, (VRML support is installed in xemacs as vrml-mode.el ,for gnu-emacs get inventor mode, iv.el).
  • Modelworks sells SitePad for Win95, a VRML/HMTL/Javascript editor. Very useful if don't want to install emacs.
  • VrmlPad of ParallelGraphics, $US 150 (demo version available). High end tool

6.2.6 VRML code verification

6.2.7 Converters, Generators and other massage tools

  • vrml1to2 (vrml 1 to vrml2 converter, installed at Tecfa)

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