2 - Guidelines for HTML Source Files

HTMLDOC is capable of processing most HTML files. This chapter discusses the requirements for HTML files to be correctly processed by HTMLDOC

General Requirements

Since HTMLDOC is designed as a documentation generation program, it expects to have chapters and headers.

NOTE: If you are converting a generic web page you must select the "--webpage" option on the command-line or choose "Web Page" as the document type in the GUI.

Page Breaks

To force a page break use the HR markup with the option "BREAK":


All chapters start with a top-level heading (H1) markup. Any headings within a chapter must be of a lower level (H2 to H7). Each chapter starts a new page (the next odd-numbered page if duplexing is selected.)


The headings you use within a chapter must start at level 2 (H2). If you skip levels the heading will be shown under the last level that was known. For example, if you use the following hierarchy of headings: the table-of-contents that is generated will show:

Unsupported or Restricted HTML Features

The following HTML features are either not supported or have limited support in this release of HTMLDOC.

Embedded Objects

Only embedded HTML files are supported using the EMBED tag.


Limited typeface specification is currently supported. The "Arial" typeface is mapped to "Helvetica" to ensure portability across platforms and for older PostScript printers. All other unrecognized typefaces are silently ignored.


Forms are not yet supported when generating PostScript and PDF files.


HTMLDOC does not support frames.

Image Maps

Image maps are not exported to HTML or PDF files.


External URL links are fully supported for HTML and PDF output. Internal links are supported in HTML and PDF output.

When generating PDF files, links of the form:

will be converted to external file links for the PDF viewer instead of URL links.

Scripts and Applets

All scripts and applets are silently stripped from the output.

Style Sheets

Style sheets are not yet supported.


Currently only the HTML 3.2 varient of tables is supported. The CAPTION, THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY tags are ignored.