Here is a sample form for specifying the arguments to htgrep. You can tailor this form to suit your own application needs. Normally most of the parameters listed here will be hard-wired into a wrapper script, and only the search string will be provided by the user. You can also hard-wire parameters using the TYPE="hidden" tag within a form. See one of the various overviews of how to write Forms for more details.

Generic Form

File to search (relative to WWW home)

Query style:
Case Sensitive
Automatic Keyword/Regex Multiple Keywords Regular Expression
HTML Files:
Ordinary Paragraphs Numbered list Bullet list Description list
Plain Text: (preformatted)
Make URLs live (works with plain text only)
Refer Bibliography files:
Show Abstract Link to directories, not files (for refer files)
Bullet list (instead of numbered)
Max records to return:

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