Maps and Hotels in Paris

This text has been prepared for the WWW5 Workshop on Virtual Environments and the WWW workshop. I am not a tourist office so if some bloody search engine spits out this page don't send me email about missing information :). Will take only comments from workshop participants !

Conference Hotels are mostly expensive but are quality. Most of them are not downtown Paris. Book with them if you get the funding or/and if you don't plan to see Paris by night. Else get something downtown and sleep in a bad bed, but have fun after the conference. Cheap hotels are below 300FF/night (about $60). You can get below 200FF if you hunt some. Still cheaper, you can consider going to a Hostel (about 100 to 120FF/night). They are ok, just check opening hours and "lock out" periods.

The Idea

You need to know the following: Note: right bank (except 3e and 4e) is supposed to be right wing and bourgeois, left bank supposed to be left-wing and bohemian:). Tho that ain't really true. All Paris has become pretty chic except for some little place left.

The algorithm

Either find a hotel yourself and call it up or use the services of: Totally random pick of Hotels in probably good locations (I'd go for one in 6e, 4e or 1er arrondissement).