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  2. What is a wiki?

2. What is a wiki?

Various names: wiki, WikiWikiWeb, Swiki, CoWeb, phpWiki, ...

First wiki from Ward Cunnigham

Installations at tecfa:


2.1 Technical point of view

2.2 Conceptual point of view

The power of wiki is that is completely open and every page can be annotated by various persons and evolve with time which means 2 things:

2.3 Educational point of view

Wikis have been used succesfully in education (Guzdial, 1999)

Exemple 2-1: Swiki/CoWeb by Collaborative Software Lab, Georgia Tech, last 4 years, more than 120 wikis

At Tecfa, we started with a pilot project for a biology class and we experiment with an embedded version of wiki (module) in a PostNuke portal for SEED project partners

For those interested in wikis in education a "must" is to read:

2.4 Uses in education

Research has shown that teachers and students can get very creative and develop innovative and very useful activities for learning (Collaborative Software Lab, 2000) inspired from constructivism and socio-constructivism like:

2.5 Problems, guidelines, resources

A. Problems, solutions (?)

Some common problems are:



B. Guidelines

Here are some advises that might help the organisation of an activity:

C. Resources

Some of the Wiki variants that exist: