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  4. Instructional design models

4. Instructional design models


Types of instructional design models:

  1. Functions of a learning environment
  2. Quality of a design
  3. Complementary models that will enhance a design (not in this talk)
  4. Change management models (not in this talk)
  5. Pedagogic strategy models
  6. Instructional design methods : how to implement a design (later)

4.1. Functions of a learning environment

4.2. What is good learning design ? (Quality)

4.3. Overview of pedagogic strategy models

4.4. E-instruction model

4.5. Problem-based learning model

4.6. Inquiry-based learning model

4.7. Project-based learning model

4.8. Structured project-based learning model (variant)

4.9. A "help desk/knowledge management model" for life-long learning

4.10. Community of practise model

4.11. Mentoring