Project Management and Software Engineering Pointers

Started on Mai 98. Last major update: May 1999 ... will always remain simple :)

Here are a few PM and (even less) SE pointers. I'm no expert in PM or SE, so use with caution. Some links are probably not worth inclusion in a small index, other (good ones) are likely missing. However, this page will get you started.

Project Management at Tecfa

Indexes, FAQs, Associations, etc.

Think of Project Management (PM) and Software Engineering (SE) as two different domains. However SE usually includes Project Management, and SE pages seem to be of superior quality.

Project Management

Software Engineering

Calendering and Scheduling Standards

Other (e.g. problem tracking, help desk)

On-line Texts (Tutorials, Articles, Sites, etc.)

Project Management

Charts: (PERT, Gantt, etc)

Rapid Prototyping

Software Engineering (various methodology)


University re-engineering projects

This does not belong here, will be moved some day.

Example Projects


Project Managment

HELP ! I am looking for the best simple www-based open source system.

Software Development


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