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VRML temple generation (20-Apr-1998)

VRML temple generation

[This was done in April 1998: Had a look at it again in nov 2001. The forms example fails with Cortona. Try Cosmo or something else. Cortona is asking for a float that is there IMHO. Glad if somebody can tell me who is wrong. Cortona or me ... / DKS]

There are 2 interfaces:
(1) Try generate.html for the HTML/Form/POST interface
(2) Use "GET" like vrml.php?distance=2&noXCols=10&noZCols=8&colradius=0.25&colheight=5

This example shows how to generate VRML code with PHP. PHP seems to be a cool and easier alternative than PERL and it is fast! Note how you can sorta build geometry protos with a "GET" style request. You can't look at *.php files since the server modifies them, but *.source (ascii) or *.phps (pretty) files are symbolic links that will let you see the code of the *.php.

The directory simple/ contains an older version that shows how to inline a VRML generating php file directly into a wrl file.

The directory mixing contains a very simple example that shows that you can actually mix VRML and PHP in a single file (like HTML and PHP), not the case in above's examples. It does answer the question: "How can I build 100 trees without typing".

Disclaimer: I ain't no real hacker, and surely it could be done better :) Even the Proto that draws the columns with a simple cylinder ought be improved. These examples are freeware.
If you are interested in VRML check out some of our other stuff (all being worked on now and then): VRML Pointers * Tecfa VRML Tutorial * Tecfa VRML Project Directory * VRML Example Directory.
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Created April-1998 / Modified: 20-Nov-2001