1.8 Useful MySQL-related links

1.8.1 Tutorials

1.8.2 Commercial applications that support MySQL

1.8.3 SQL Clients

1.8.4 Web development tools that support MySQL

1.8.5 Databse design tools with MySQL support

1.8.6 Web servers with MySQL tools

1.8.7 Extensions for other programs

1.8.8 Using MySQL with other programs

1.8.9 ODBC related links

1.8.10 API related links

1.8.11 Other MySQL-related links

1.8.12 SQL and database interfaces

1.8.13 Examples of MySQL use

1.8.14 General database links

There are also many web pages that use MySQL. A Some MySQL users. Send any additions to this list to MySQL logo somewhere (It is okay to have it on a ``used tools'' page or something similar) to be added.