16.4 How to fill in the various fields in the ODBC administrator program

There are three possibilities for specifying the server name on Windows95:

  • Use the IP address of the server.
  • Add a file `lmhosts' with the following info:
    ip hostname
    For example: my
  • Configure the PC to use DNS.

Example of how to fill in the ``ODBC setup'':

Windows DSN name:   test
Description:        This is my test database
MySql Database:     test
User:               monty
Password:           my_password

The value for the Windows DSN name field is any name that is unique in your Windows ODBC setup.

You don't have to specify values for the Server, User, Password or Port fields in the ODBC setup screen. However, if you do, the values will be used as the defaults later when you attempt to make a connection. You have the option of changing the values at that time.

If the port number is not given, the default port (3306) is used.

If you specify the option Read options from C:\my.cnf, the groups client and odbc will be read from the `C:\my.cnf' file. You can use all options that are usable by mysql_options(). mysql_options.