D.4 Changes in release 3.19.x

D.4.1 Changes in release 3.19.5

  • Some new functions, some more optimization on joins.
  • Should now compile clean on Linux (2.0.x).
  • Added functions DATABASE(), USER(), POW(), LOG10() (needed for ODBC).
  • In a WHERE with an ORDER BY on fields from only one table, the table is now preferred as first table in a multi-join.
  • HAVING and IS NULL or IS NOT NULL now works.
  • A group on one column and a sort on a group function (SUM(), AVG()...) didn't work together. Fixed.
  • mysqldump: Didn't send password to server.

D.4.2 Changes in release 3.19.4

  • Fixed horrible locking bug when inserting in one thread and reading in another thread.
  • Fixed one-off decimal bug. 1.00 was output as 1.0.
  • Added attribute 'Locked' to process list as info if a query is locked by another query.
  • Fixed full magic timestamp. Timestamp length may now be 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 or 2 bytes.
  • Sort on some numeric functions could sort incorrectly on last number.
  • IF(arg,syntax_error,syntax_error) crashed.
  • Added functions CEILING(), ROUND(), EXP(), LOG() and SQRT().
  • Enhanced BETWEEN to handle strings.

D.4.3 Changes in release 3.19.3

  • Fixed SELECT with grouping on BLOB columns not to return incorrect BLOB info. Grouping, sorting and distinct on BLOB columns will not yet work as expected (probably it will group/sort by the first 7 characters in the BLOB). Grouping on formulas with a fixed string size (use MID() on a BLOB) should work.
  • When doing a full join (no direct keys) on multiple tables with BLOB fields, the BLOB was garbage on output.
  • Fixed DISTINCT with calculated columns.