3.2 Copyrights used by MySQL

There are several different copyrights on the MySQL distribution:

  1. The MySQL-specific source needed to build the mysqlclient library and programs in the `client' directory is in the public domain. Each file that is in the public domain has a header which clearly states so. This includes everything in the `client' directory and some parts of the mysys, mystring and dbug libraries.
  2. Some small parts of the source (GNU getopt) are covered by the ``GNU LIBRARY LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE''. See the `mysys/COPYING.LIB' file.
  3. Some small parts of the source (GNU readline) are covered by the ``GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE''. See the `readline/COPYING' file.
  4. Some parts of the source (the regexp library) are covered by a Berkeley style copyright.
  5. The other source needed for the MySQL server on non-Microsoft platforms is covered by the ``MySQL FREE PUBLIC LICENSE'', which is based on the ``Aladdin FREE PUBLIC LICENSE.'' J The MySQL server license for non Microsoft operating systems. When running MySQL on any Microsoft operating system, other licensing applies.

The following points set forth the philosophy behind our copyright policy:

  • The SQL client library should be totally free so that it can be included in commercial products without limitations.
  • People who want free access to the software into which we have put a lot of work can have it, so long as they do not try to make money directly by distributing it for profit.
  • People who want the right to keep their own software proprietary, but also want the value from our work, can pay for the privilege.
  • That means normal in-house use is FREE. But if you use MySQL for something important to you, you may want to help further its development by purchasing a license or a support contract. 3.6 Types of commercial support.

3.2.1 Possible future copyright changes

We may choose to distribute older versions of MySQL with the GPL in the future. However, these versions will be identified as GNU MySQL. Also, all copyright notices in the relevant files will be changed to the GPL.