mkfdf - Make fdf file for a Sybase table.


     mkfdf [ -U  user ] [ -P passwd ] [ -S server ]  -d  database
     -t table [ -k keyfields ] [ -n formname ] mkfdf -h


     This program produces Form Definition Files  (fdf)  for  the
     wdb  system.  Given  a  Sybase table name mkfdf extracts the
     necessary information from the database to  produce  a  tem-
     plate  fdf  for  the  table.  The  fdf will still have to be
     edited by hand to make nice labels, joins with other tables,
     conversions  of  data from database format to display format
     (in case of coordinates etc.).


     -U user
          Database user

     -P password
          Password for the database user.

     -S server
          Sybase server to connect to

     -d database
          The database where the wanted table is.

     -t table
          Name of the table for which to produce the fdf.

     -k keyfields
          The name(s) of the field(s) in the table which are  the
          key  field(s).  If  not  specified the first column are
          assumed. If more  than  one  field  is  specified  they
          should be separated by commas and with no spaces.

     -n formname
          The name of  the  form  produced.  (Defaults  to  table
          name). The file formname.fdf are produced as output.

     -h   Produces a short help text explaining these options.


     The wdb homepage :
     The fdf syntax :


     - What ? Bugs ! - In my program ? .... Never. :-)


     Bo Frese Rasmussen
     Space Telescope - European Coordinating Facility