Later Developments, 1995-1996

Since 1995 the power and usefulness of LATEX2HTML has been enhanced significantly. The revisions later than V95.1 have been largely due to the combined efforts of many people, other than the original author. Interested users have supplied patches to fix a fault, or implement a feature that previously was not supported. Often a question or complaint to the discussion-group (see Getting Support ...) has spurred someone else to provide the necessary ``patch''.

Arising from this work, special credit is due to:

* Marcus Hennecke
for his many extensive revisions;

* Mark Noworolski
for coordinating V95.3;

* Sidik Isani
for his improvement in GIF quality;

* Michel Goossens
was the driving force behind the upgrade to LATEX2e compatibility, and other features developed at CERN;

* Herb Swan
for coordinating V96.1 of LATEX2HTML , including much of the Perl code for the new features that were introduced, and for providing a series of bug-fix revisions prior to V96.1 rev-f;

* Ross Moore
who has revised and extended this manual, helped design and test the segmentation strategy, and later revisions of V96.1. Ross organised the release of V96.1 rev-g and provided many of the improvements incorporated into V96.1 rev-h.

* Martin Wilck
for the initial work on implementation of frames. Also Martin did most of the work implementing the extensive citation and bibliographic features of the natbib package, written by Patrick Daly. He also provided the makeseg Perl script to create Makefiles for segmented documents.

* Jens Lippmann
for organising the releases V96.1 rev-h to V98.1. Jens made significant contributions to the internal workings of LATEX2HTML , as well as cleaning up much of its source code.

Many others, too many to mention, contributed bug-reports, fixes and other suggestions.

Thanks also to Donald Arseneau for allowing his url.sty to be distributed with this manual. Similarly, thanks to Johannes Braams for changebar.sty.
Both of these are useful utilities which enhance the appearance of the printed manual.

Ross Moore