Credits, 1993-1994

Several people have contributed suggestions, ideas, solutions, support and encouragement. Some of these are Roderick Williams, Ana Maria Paiva, Jamil Sawar and Andrew Cole at the Computer Based Learning Unit.

The idea of splitting LATEX files into more than one component, connected via hyperlinks, was first implemented in Perl by Toni Lantunen at CERN. Thanks to Robert Cailliau of the World-Wide Web Project, also at CERN, for providing access to the source code and documentation (although no part of the original design or the actual code has been used).

* Robert S. Thau
has contributed the new version of texexpand. Also, in order to translate the ``document from hell'' (!!!) he has extended the translator to handle \def commands, nested math-mode commands, and has fixed several bugs.

* Phillip Conrad and L. Peter Deutsch.
The pstogif Perl script uses the PostScript program, originally written by Phillip Conrad (Perfect Byte, Inc.) and modified by L. Peter Deutsch (Aladdin Enterprises).

* Roderick Williams
The idea of using existing symbolic labels to provide cross-references between documents was first conceived during discussions with Roderick.

* Eric Carroll
who first suggested providing a command like \hyperref.

* Franz Vojik
provided the basic mechanism for handling foreign accents.

* Todd Little
The -auto_navigation option was based on an idea by Todd.

* Axel Belinfante
provided the Perl code in the makeidx.perl file, as well as numerous suggestions and bug-reports.

* Verena Umar
(from the Computer Science Education Project) has been a very patient tester of some early versions of LATEX2HTML and many of the current features are a result of her suggestions.

* Ian Foster and Bob Olson.
Thanks to Ian Foster and Bob Olson at the Argonne National Labs, for setting up the LATEX2HTML mailing list.

Ross Moore