In this directory you find:
  1. Some source from the Xerces distribution: DomWriter and DomParserWrapper
  2. DomTreeWriteServlet (a much simplified servlet). You can see it in action
  3. DomTreeWriteServlet2 (mostly the same, but it KILLS the document type node when walking through the DOM tree and then starts displaying again the DOM ) You can see it in action
    Motivation for this was a problem I have with Cocoon's XIncludeProcessor (June 2 2000). It chokes on included files with DTD declarations that point to files. So as Donald Ball suggested, on could just rip these off ...
Compiled with Java 1.2 (and xerces and servlet in the Cocoon 1.7.4 distribution)
Last modified: Mon Jun 5 20:09:29 MET DST 2000