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[dot] Praying and sacrificing at altars.
[dot] The adventurer's guide to standard armour.
[dot] Artifacts (both named weapons and quest artifacts).
[dot] Cancelling monsters.
[dot] How are the ability scores of the various classes determined?
[dot] Which classes should(n't) I play?
[dot] Monsters (not) leaving corpses (including wraiths).
[dot] Advantages and disadvantages of being crowned by your god.
[dot] Non-monster-specific artifact damages for NetHack 3.1.3.
[dot] A description of the Dungeons of Doom.
[dot] A map of the Dungeons of Doom, including most special levels (46 kByte).
[dot] What enchantment limits are there for weapons?
[dot] I finally arrived in Gehennom. Now what?
[dot] A NetHack workout regimen (how to exercise your stats).
[dot] How much experience do I need to advance a level?
[dot] Food nutrition values.
[dot] Gems, and how to identify them most easily.
[dot] Gremlins, or: how to get rid of an intrinsic.
[dot] How to gain and lose most intrinsics.
[dot] The ultimate list of items!
[dot] Magic markers and information on how many charges writing takes.
[dot] A list of monsters and their starting equipment.
[dot] A long list of the monsters, with information on their abilities.
[dot] Objects, their weights and costs.
[dot] Training your pets.
[dot] Chatting with priests.
[dot] Magic cancellation versus magic resistance.
[dot] A map and description of the various quests (80 kByte).
[dot] How do I raise my ...
[dot] Eating rings.
[dot] Speed: an explanation.
[dot] Starting statistics for the various classes.
[dot] Statues and spellbooks.
[dot] Time and date: NetHack versus the real world.
[dot] What affects your prayer-timeout?
[dot] To die: 50 ways to leave your game.
[dot] Getting out of trouble.
[dot] Water, holy water, and unholy water.
[dot] The adventurer's guide to standard weapons.
[dot] A sorted list of all weapons (sorted by damage done).
[dot] What should I wish for?
[dot] An explanation of the calculation of the experience value of monsters.

[dot] Next to these files with topical information, there are some files which contain the drafts of the 8.00 version of the infamous WCST spoilers. There are five such spoiler files ( file 1, file 2, file 3, file 4, and file 5), as well as some informational letters ( letter 2, letter 3, letter 4, and letter 5).

Next to these ASCII files, I can also offer you some files in PostScript or WordPerfect format. The following subjects are currently available (all are compressed with gzip and were originally written for NetHack version 3.1.3):
[dot] A file with information on artifacts (only in PostScript format, for US letter paper sizes).
[dot] A dungeon information sheet, which you can use to remember things about your character (gained resistances and the like) and the dungeon (what level does Medusa live on, where is the entrance to the Mines, etc.): A4 paper size, PostScript;
[dot] Three files with information about monsters (the three together contain all information about monsters that can viably be tabularised). Again, I offer these files in four formats:
File 1: A4, PS;
File 2: A4, PS;
File 3: A4, PS;

So far the spoilers for NetHack 3.1.3 or older. Only few spoilers for 3.2.1 have been written yet. I currently have only one spoiler file available, namely one on the new skill system.