The Freeciv Manual V. 1.8.0

This manual is far from finished, so please if you have the time to help, we will be more than glad to recive a mail from you! Mail reports of errors or deficiencies in the manual to the freeciv or freeciv-dev mailing lists and one of us will deal with them. If you wish to make any major contribution, mail Martin if you have the time, and wish to get involved in this project.

Primary goal of this project is to make a good manual for the server side of Freeciv, the things about the client should be merged into the existing online help!

The final manual should be available online as html, and there should be a printable version in pdf/ps.

Status of the project:

The Freeciv Game User's Guide Presents the game of Freeciv, its concepts and rules, especially for those without experience with the games Civilization and Civilization II.
The Freeciv Client User's Guide is a tutorial and a reference for the civclient program, which provides the user interface through which the game is played.
The Freeciv Server User's Guide is a reference to the features of the civserver program, which implements the rules and algorithms of the game.

Contributors to the project:

Rudy Moore
Martin Willemoes Hansen
David King