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This guide is intended to present the player to his opponents and the ``tools'' of his trade. The tables in this guide are generated completely from the crossfire source, so you may sometimes see monsters or items here before they can be encountered in the game.


Enchanted items are items that is better than the basic type. They are identified by the +1, +2, +3 or +4 at the end of the item name. Also, the higher the number, the rarer the item is. The enchantments affect the value, weight and effect of the item; i.e. for armour its ac (armour class), for weapons its wc (weapon class). Items that already have a magical effect are never enchanted.


The following table shows the maximum value the different player classes can reach in a stat. It also shows how your basic stats will be changed by choosing a different class. When you roll your character, the stats displayed are the stats you will get as a human. When satisfied, you can step through a number of classes, each with special bonuses in stats.


A barbarian has a maximum strength which is 4 higher than a human -- that means he will begin with an additional 4 points added to his strength roll. On the other hand, a barbarian can never get above 12 in intelligence. This means that your rolled character will have 8 less in intelligence if you choose that class. It also means that you can't be a barbarian if you roll less than 8 in intelligence -- the poor barbarian would have had a negative stat. You can never roll a character with better stats than an average of straight 15's, and you can't roll higher than 18 in a stat. These values are the maximum values for your ``natural'' dexterity, constitution etc. You can raise your natural stats by drinking potions. However, there are plenty of items which give you bonuses to your stats even beyond your class' limit -- swords, armours and rings to name the most important. You can also read scrolls or cast spells to temporarily raise your stats. The absolute maximum value is 30, and the player class doesn't matter here.



Notice that the weight and damage differs on seemingly equal weapons. We suggest that you wield the identified weapons, to choose the better one.


Some weapons also have a separate effect:


The rate column in the following table shows the relative rate of fire. E.g. to cock a bow with a ``rate of fire'' of 1/2, you need only half the time of what is needed with a bow with a ``rate of fire'' of 1/1. The damage done by the impact of a bolt fired from a crossbow is constant. However, with an ordinary bow you can pull the arrow further back if you are strong, and it would thus do more damage.


Special weapons

This section shows the different ``Special weapons'' which exist in crossfire. Although the weapons are supposed to be unique, there may exist several of them...

NameDamMax speedSpecial


Armour is essential to surviving in Crossfire. The basic idea is that the less ac (armour class) you have -- the more difficult you are to hit. The armour value represents the reduction in physical damage in percent. There are several types of armour in Crossfire.You may only wear one of the different main types of armour (except magical armour). The different main types consist of these :

Body Armour

TypeAcArmorWeight Max speedMagic





Other Clothing



Magic is brought into play by various means. The only way to actually learn the spells, is to read them from a book. Both scrolls and books will disappear after being read ( applied actually). Magic that comes from quaffing ( applying) a potion will stay in effect over a period of time. Naturally not all magic found in wands would be found in e.g. scrolls etc. Scroll of large fireball or Potion of poison would be ridiculous.

The Wonder spell will produce random magic (rather unpredictable).

NameLevelSp.WandsScrolls Books


The monsters are your opponents in Crossfire. Actually the only way to gain experience in this game is to bash monsters (or your fellow players, but you probably won't last long if you choose that route to ``fame''). The more hitpoints the monsters have, the longer it takes to kill the suckers. Unfortunately, the monsters tend to strike back... Thus the stronger the monsters are -- the more damage you take, and vice versa.

NameGenExpHpAc Special