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Basic editing

Blender is designed as a two-handed system. To minimize mouse strain, almost all commands are available both as mouse buttons and as keyboard hot keys. There's a Toolbox option (press SPACE) that lists - and can activate - the common hot keys. As a finishing touch, some commands are available as gestures as well.

Input commands

The Mouse

As far as possible, the usage of the mouse has been standardized:

  • LeftMouse: for buttons, sliders, text input, placing the 3Dcursor.
  • LeftMouse+CTRL: add a vertex.

  • MiddleMouse: to change the view or - during transformations - the delimiter.
  • MiddleMouse+SHIFT: change view
  • MiddleMouse+CTRL: zoom in/out view

  • RightMouse: selecting and activating
  • RightMouse+SHIFT: extend select.
  • RightMouse+CTRL: selecting and activating, only at Object centers.
  • RightMouse: hold-move-release: translation mode.

The Keyboard

For the keyboard, these are the common rules:

  • F1 - F12: global hot keys, independent of window type. Here are the most important F-Keys: F1: Load Blender file. F2: Save Blender file. F3: Save image. F12: Render image.
  • ESC: to restore or escape from anything (menus, editing, rendering, file selecting, etc.)
  • Numerical Pad: view related hot keys.
  • Spacebar: Toolbox menu, displays a listing of the common hot keys.