Final exam, COAP 2110, March 2013

Complete the flash file by reusing the existing frames, layers and objects. This exam will last 80 minutes (about 15 minutes for each task).

Make a copy of the files:
The exam includes five major tasks. Each task except the first one involves editing an embedded movie clip and solving three sub-tasks. There is one embedded movie clip in each of the four following frames and they are labeled "Animation ....". A few sub-tasks may include manipulation and editing of further embedded clips.

More than half of the work is already done. Search for simple solutions ! Look at the timeline of each Animation movie clip and study the existing AS code. Efficient students do complete but not remove code. No drawing is required, all assets are in the library.

Completing all the tasks (i.e. each of the three sub-tasks) will result in an A (or better). Bonus points allow to catch up a bit, e.g. compensate mistakes or reach an A+.

Instructions below also are inserted into the *.fla file (to the left of the scene in each frame)

Tasks for frame 1 (Menu page)

  1. Repair the buttons so that navigation works.
  2. Add a text that includes: "Made by" + your first name + last name to this frame.
  3. Create a background using a color gradient
Bonus: General Tips:

Tasks for frame 2

Edit the "Animation city" movie clip: Double click on the movie clip on the scene to edit.
  1. Firetruck should move down the street from left to right/down.
  2. Bus should stop behind the trees.
  3. Both vehicles must move behind the houses and not over the houses and they should keep to the street or parking areas.
Tip: You have to add 2 motion tweens on the timeline of this movie clip and make sure that layers are ordered differently.

Bonus point:

Tasks for frame 3 (hills)

Edit the "Animation hills" movie clip (double click to edit)

When a user clicks on the left cloud:

  1. The left cloud show move to the right and forward and grow bigger.
  2. Left cloud should grow darker (tip: less brightness).
  3. The motor bike should start driving forward to the left and grow bigger.
Bonus points: Tips: Use the timeline of this movie clip to do this. You can start animations by moving the user forward one frame. There is no need to create an embedded clip for the cloud and the bike (but you can if you like). Create the two motion tweens first.

Tasks for frame 4 (Tiles)

Edit the "Animation Tiles" clip (double click on the clip in the scene to edit)
  1. Create motion animations that will assemble the tiles into a nice floor.
  2. Tiles should land inside the slot within the green grass.
  3. Make sure that all tiles are perfectly aligned at the end.
Tip: Use the timeline of the "Animation tiles" clip.

Bonus points:

Tasks for frame 5 (Windmills)

Edit the "Animation windmill" clip (double-click to edit)
  1. All four windmills (actually they are power generators) must be stopped at start.
  2. Clicking on the start button should get all of the Windmills started (wheels turn).
  3. Clicking on the stop button should stop them all.
Tip: Windmills are instances of the same Movie clip. Code for one windmill is mostly done. Before you program, read what is there...

Bonus points: