COAP 2110 Mid-term Exam 2010

1 - Exam tasks

Complete the flash file by reusing the existing layers and the objects in the library. This exam will last 80 minutes (about 10 minutes for each task).

Please complete the seven tasks described below. Make a copy of the files:
      n:\coap2110\mid-term-2010-solution.swf (a possible solution without an extra animation)
Most of the work is already done, you only need to complete animations, to change properties of some objects and to add some others to the stage:

1.1 Background (gradient color)

Tip: Use the Gradient Transform tool to rotate the color

1.2 Sun animation (shape tween)

1.3 Flying plane (guided motion animation)

Tip: This is a guided motion tween. Do first the linear tween in the main time line and then a add a motion guide layer. Bonus: Plane orients to path, i.e. aligns to the guiding line.

1.4 Girl animation (motion tween or frame-by-frame animation)

Tip: You can do this either as motion animation (2 times 2 tweens in a row) or with a frame by frame animation.

1.5 Rain animation (motion tween)

Tip: This is a simple motion tween.



1.6 Add trees

1.7 Extra animation

2 - Handing it in

3 - Cheat sheet

Embedded movie clip animation
Shape tweening
Other Advice:
The example solution: