COAP 2110 Mid-term Exam 2008

1 - Exam tasks

Complete this animation by using the existing layers and the objects in the library. This exam will last 70 minutes (about 10 minutes for each task).

Please complete the six tasks described below. Make a copy of the files:
      n:\coap2110\midterm-exam-2008-solution.swf (a possible solution w/o the extra effect)
Most of the work is already done, you only need to complete animations and change properties:

1.1 Background animation (shape tween of gradient color)

Tip: This is a shape tween (morphing) of a gradient color rectangle (frame 1 to frame 100)

1.2 Pumpkin to Girl animation (shape tween)

Tip: Remember that you only can morph shapes (paint) and graphics, but not symbols.

1.3 Penguin size (motion animation)

Tip: This is a motion tween of a movie clip symbol (frame 1 to frame 49). Shape of an instance (the Penguin in a given frame) can be changed in the properties panel.

1.4 Penguin feet animation (frame-by-frame animation)

Tip: This is a frame-by-frame animation of an embedded movie clip (double click on the Penguin in the library). Four frames will do.

1.5 Moon animation (guided motion)

Tip: This is a motion guide tween, i.e. same logic as the (almost finished) penguin walk

1.6 Extra animation

2 - Handing it in

3 - Cheatsheet

Embedded movie clip animation
Shape tweening
Other Advice:
The example solution: