COAP 2110 Mid-term Exam 2007

1 Tasks

Complete a weather animation by using the existing layers and the objects in the library. You only need to add one extra motion guide layer to complete the tasks described below.

Please complete the five tasks described below. Make a copy of the file:

1.1 Cloud animation

Tip: This is a motion tween animation with a shape transform of the cloud instance (not a shape tween !)

1.2 Rain animation

Tip: Use a frame-by-frame animation (e.g. about 10 frames)

1.3 Sun animation

Tip: This is a motion guide tween.

1.4 Sky animation

Tip: This includes 2 shape tweens in a row. Use color gradients: 1-2 color bands should do. Do the gradient transform before you start duplicating the sky of frame 1.

1.5 Extra effect

2 Cheatsheet

Shape tweening
A possible solution will be shown