Internet Exploration -I-

Network Services

(original: hawaii) WWW servers, gophers, WAISes, archie, and CERN


There are many internet services set up for tracking down PEOPLE:


Gopher is a service that allows users to view and obtain all sorts of files, programs, and software. You can select the items you want from a menu.


Veronica allows you to search all of the Gopher sites in the world. Just enter a word or words, and all sorts of directories, programs, and articles with those words in them will show up in a menu for you to browse.


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It allows you to transfer documents and programs from all over the place.


Telnet allows you to remotely log in to other computers and can give one access to databases and many information services.

News, Publications, and Electronic Texts

These sites primarily offer news-related services or on-line publications.

Government, Law and Legal Information

These sites offer legal documents, government database access, or other legislature-related information.

Weather Services

Connected to these places, you can get satellite maps, movies, and national forecasts updated hourly.

Searchable Services

Using these services, you can enter a word or words and have a database search for information.

Hypermedia Services

These services are specific to the World-Wide Web and usually contain multimedia information.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Other Lists of Services

Lists of network services that others have made exist in a few places: