Emotions, affect, affective computing, flow, creativity

I'd like to become some of our educational portals emotional and I also am interested in affective states of students (and their relation to learning tasks). I'd probably will have 2 masters thesis in the area. To know these areas a bit better, I collected some pointers on emotion, affective computing, flow theory, etc. Choice of links is pretty random and very eclectic (therefore you also find pointers to marginally related things like personality). I don't have much time for this, but needed some departure points ... (sept 2004). Not sure that I will keep this updated ....

Online Texts

There is no smart classification and selection principle :) For some articles you may need on-line subscription to read them (however some stuff can be found with google)! See also and mainly indexes and research groups below.

Various Theories, concepts, etc.

Affective computing

Emotional machines, and modeling

Experience, flow, other affective states

This is what I am most interested in curently, in particular "optimal experience" (flow). This section contains in particular work using experience sampling methologies.

Presence, Being there

"Presence" is a concept mostly used in VR research, but some people also are interested in text-based environments like MUDs, portals, and such. Therefore of interest to us.

Electronic Journals

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Tests, Scales and Items


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Measures and Analysis

Affective computing

Major indexes and research groups

General Indexes

Research Groups and consortia

Often you will find papers, software, links and other interesting information.
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